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Official souvenirs of the Lucerne artist


The Hans Erni Museum is on the premises of the Swiss Museum of Transport. Items relating to the Lucerne artist Hans Erni are officially available here in our shop. Browse our selection of books, porcelain, watches and scarves. Pictures and lithographs can also be viewed at home, with the purchase following discreetly in Lucerne.

Other items may be found in the shop at the Swiss Museum of Transport itself.

Hans Erni Art Shop

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Give some joy to yourself and your family. With your purchase of this calendar, now in its 35th edition, you are also helping the more than 9,700 people with cerebral palsy disabilities in Switzerland.


Hans Erni died in 2015. His family is continuing his commitment to our work and is providing us with artworks for the calendar at no cost. We are very grateful to them! At the same time, we would like to thank you all greatly for your support.


Six works by Hans Erni as two-month spreads in 46x66 cm . reinforced packaging and shipping.



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31 - 49 of 49 results